Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Recertification

8 Hour/1 Day

This, grant funded, no-cost, one day/8 hour TCLEOSE approved course is taught by two certified Drug Recognition Experts. The recertification course meets the current TCLEOSE #2178 and NHTSA requirements for Standardized Field Sobriety Testing practitioners. The course is divided into the following components:

SFST Update Course Schedule

Instructors: Sgt. Mark Vincent / Stephen W. Burres, III

8:00-8:30Session IIntroduction and Overview
8:30-8:55Session IIVehicle in Motion
9:05-10:00Session IIIPersonal Contact and SFST Review
10:10-11:30Session IVSFST Proficiency Demonstration
(Allow Students to Practice)
12:30-13:50Session IVSFST Video & Proficiency Tests
14:00-15:30Session VBlood Search Warrant
15:40-16:30Session VIMobile Video Case Law Updates
16:30-17:00TestingPractical Exercises and Written Test