Funding For Training

Each of the 50 states has funding available to them for Highway Traffic Safety projects within their state. These funds are commonly referred to as Federal "402 Highway Traffic Safety" dollars. Each year every state must submit for federal approval a "Highway Traffic Safety Plan" for use of these funds. Training in the area of Mobile Video falls into this category of a proper expenditure of these Highway Safety funds. The entire practitioners or trainers course may be brought to any site in the United States using these funds. If an officer or department is interested in obtaining funds for Mobile Video training, they need to contact their respective Department of Transportation or Governor's office of Highway Safety in their state. If you do not have the address or information on your state, a state list is available through the Governors Highway Safety Association.

The Texas Department of Transportation, Office of Highway Traffic Safety, funds Practitioners courses throughout the State of Texas on an annual basis. They have been very supportive of Mobile Video since its inception in 1987 and continue to support through annual training grants to LEMVI.

For more information contact: Law Enforcement Mobile Video Institute, Inc. at