IACP Quote:

"In 2001, the COPS Office awarded a grant to the Law Enforcement Mobile Video Institute (LEMVI) to provide a 40 hour instructors' course to state law enforcement agencies that received a COPS In Car Camera Initiative award. LEMVI Director Jim Kuboviak was one of the early pioneers of in car camera technology. He constructed and installed several of the prototypes for today's modern in car camera systems...

The tragic death of Constable Lunsford, coupled with the evidentiary value of the video media, inspired Kuboviak to develop and implement an instructor's training course in 1990. Today, LEMVI continues to be nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for in car camera training. LEMVI was awarded additional funding from the COPS Office in 2003 to provide in car camera training to local, municipal, county, sheriff, and tribal agencies through the national network of COPS Regional Community Policing Institutes (RCPI)."

Src: Research and Best Practices from IACP Study on In-Car Cameras